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Truly Compostable

We truly believe that truly compostable advanced materials can change the world.

Plant based materials that look, feel and behave like traditional materials that are home compostable without residual micro plastics have the ability to revolutionise packaging and waste streams.

Why Choose Coda Compostables

The awareness of the environmental impact of single use plastics is widely accepted and as an industry we need to act on this. We are in a position to influence the change to using truly sustainable materials which will over time replace some traditionally used materials that can cause harm to the environment.

Coda Compostables combines its know how of new innovative materials with the demands from industry, brands and consumers alike to deliver truly sustainable solutions that will truly compost leaving no harmful footprint on our planet.

Our Commitment

“At Coda Compostables we commit to only work with Truly Compostable materials.”

Coda Compostables want to help people to understand that just because a product claims to be compostable it doesn’t actually mean that if it ends up in landfill or food waste or simply buried in your garden it will fully disintegrate.

There are many products currently on the market carrying official compostability certification logos but it is commonly known that the general public do not fully understand what these certifications mean, the differences between them or what actually needs to happen to these products at the end of their usable life. Many terms are used interchangeably, causing confusion among consumers.


We strongly believe in and commit to being very clear and unambiguous with the terminology we use. We hope that our glossary provides a clear and definitive guide.

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